Volunteer Christian Fishermen (or women) needed

Soon Body of Christ Cares will be sponsoring an activity to take urban youth fishing.

Most of the children involved have never been fishing before and it will be a real treat just to go to a tranquil, safe  location.


(Chicago region on a Saturday morning to early afternoon)

1) We need someone who is familiar with the rules and regulations for the State of Illinois. If we take a group of kids (between 7 and 50 depending on the amount of volunteers and funding available) fishing, do we need to purchase a fishing licence for each kid or only for the adults? Do we purchase this at a currency exchange? Also are there any other regulations that we need to be aware of (minimum size to keep etc.) ?

2) We need volunteers who know how to fish (and possibly clean and fry in case we add some store bought fish and have a fish fry).

3) We need volunteers who are willing to loan us fishing equipment.

4) We also need adult supervision even if you don’t know how to fish.

5) We need help with transportation. Volunteers with cars or vans who are available to pick up and take home kids. The best solution is to have several people get permission to use their church’s van for this. It is also our prayer that the Lord would touch someones heart to purchase us a quality bus to take urban youth on Christian Youth Activities and also to be shared in the BODY OF CHRIST by churches in the Chicagoland area when they have need for a special activity.

6)  Let’s all pray that the kids will have a great time. That they will be refreshed physically, mentally, & spiritually.

7) If  interested  please contact me: Scott ReeseScott@BodyofChristCares.org 

* If you are not from one of our regular supporting churches – you’ll need to fill out a volunteer application.

* If you come across this blog and are not in the Chicago region we still have many Christian Volunteer Positions available through  Christian Internet Ministry  that you can help with from the convenience of your home. Drop me a note and see http://christianinternetministry.com for details.

4 responses to “Volunteer Christian Fishermen (or women) needed

  1. You will only need to get fishing license for kids who are 16 years or older. Anyone 15 and younger doesn’t need to get a license. License are available to purchase at walmart, kmarts, etc. Illinois does offer a free fishing weekend where no license is needed for anyone June 5-8. I wish I had known earlier that you where looking to do this, I would have loved to help make it happen for this weekend!
    There is a free downloadable fishing digest at the illinois dnr website, but let me tlak to a few guys here at our church and see what we can come up with to help you out for a sat summer fishing time.

  2. Thank you, I guess we can also take suggestions on potential places to take the kids – I found a little stocked lake behind the Lynnwood Firestation on Glenwood-Dyer Road that has an ajoining park… Not sure if it is city property or park district…

  3. The lake behind the Lynwood fire station doesn’t seem to have very good fishing anymore. We just held a fishing derby there and only 3 fish where caught. It is open to the public and so many of the fish have been taken home it seems.

    I don’t know how far you want to travel, but Braidwood, about an hour from here, has great cat fishing- nothing big, but plenty to catch.

  4. Just found out today a Christian Couple in Crete has a well stocked lake we could probably use.

    Tentative plans would be to take grade school children 2nd Sat. of August and Junior High/High School 4th Sat. of August.

    & possibly a small group of Junior High / High School boys for an overnight fishing trip to the Braidwood area sometime during the summer – Lord willing plan on stoping by Thurs morning – can chat about ideas – looking for volunteers for all three events – let me know if you come across anyone interested.

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