Christian Volunteer needed in Schaumburg Illinois

Nordstroms in Schaumburg IL has donated several bags of nice high end clothing to be distributed to those in need.

I am trying to find someone who lives near there or who will be shopping at the mall there that would be willing to pick  up this donation.  I eventually need to get it to the Gallilee Baptist Church of Roseland for distribution but the most important thing  is to get the donation picked up asap to keep Nordstorms happy and in a giving mood to us.

We can latter make arrangements to pick up the donation from you next time we have someone going out that way.

Another possiblility is if someone has a contact at a church near there that we could contact to see if they might have a volunteer to do this.

2 responses to “Christian Volunteer needed in Schaumburg Illinois

  1. Hi,
    I read the request for May 21st for a pick up at Nordstroms in Schaumburg. Are you still looking for someone to pick up and what is involved? I have family that lives up there and I’m pretty sure they would be willing to pick up what you need and them I can make arrangements with them to get it from them asap. let me know thanks jim

  2. Thanks! We did find someone who was able to pick up the donation.

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