School Supplies needed as a demonstration of God’s love

Body of Christ Cares is collecting school supplies for urban ministry.

We want to send out a special thank you to the kids of  Homewood Church.

Their VBS program raised over $900 for us to purchase school supplies. I believe this is the largest offering we have ever received from a VBS program. This has put us off to a good start, but the need in Chicagoland is astounding and we still have a goal of helping hundreds of more families.

I especially want to make an appeal for those churches who collect school supplies for those in need and then donate them to a secular non profit to distribute them…  Body of Christ Cares not only distributes the school supplies to impoverished communities, we also distribute them in the name of Jesus- they go out with a gospel witness or they help a struggling Christian family. Christian Churches are empowered to be the center of hope and help in their distressed communities. Please consider the full mission of helping those in need…

Our nation is in crisis, economic needs are real, but we must also remember the greatest needs are spiritual… Body of Christ Cares believes in following the holistic ministry example of Jesus by endeavoring to meet both physical and spiritual needs.

The world will know that God cares, when it sees that the Body of Christ Cares.

Below is the video we showed at Homewood Church to help explain the Back to School Supplies Project to the children.

If you would like to help us spread the word – You can print the document below to distribute at your church or you can email the document to your friends (Click the “More” Button)



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