9/15/2009 Prayer Request

We just received word tonight that Shantel Guzitas, one of our most faithful volunteers is having a sickle cell crisis. Please join us in prayer for her.

Shantel is a very dedicated teenage girl. On Tuesday nights she often volunteers to help out at the Homeless shelter along with me, Rich, Lori, Marcia, & Brian. On Wednesday evenings she has a Bible study for teenage girls and she is always willing to volunteer … 

Below she is pictured praying that our “Back to School” supply project would be blessed by God.

I will keep you posted through this blog.  Also feel free to drop her a card of encouragement –  send it to us & we’ll get it to her.

By the way, please come back and visit this blog soon – I have many pictures and videos of recent activities that I hope to post soon.



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