Nov. 4 Prayer Requests, update, and announcements

1. PRAYER REQUEST – PLEASE PRAY FOR ME – I’VE BEEN QUITE SICK FOR ABOUT A WEEK NOW… IT SEEMS TO BE GETTING WORSE AND MOVING INTO MY LUNGS and my fever is increasing. Lisa thinks it may be H1N1, I guess if I don’t turn the corner soon, I’ll go see a doctor. THE ONLY GOOD THING ABOUT THIS IS THAT I’VE LOST  7 POUNDS! … NOW IT LOOKS LIKE KATIE MAY HAVE IT… I’M QUITE CONCERNED FOR MY LITTLE GIRL… I guess there is never a good time to be sick, but this is a critical time for the ministry – please pray for a quick recovery.  Also a special thank you goes out to Brian for covering for me at the shelter last night.

2. We have some exciting news to share in regard to the ministry… prayerfully we plan on sending out a newsletter next week. 

3. The men’s Bible study will be put off a week to the second Saturday in November – please spread the word… I’m not sure if I’ll be recouperated by Saturday … also there is a seminar on Racial Reconciliation at Living Springs Church that I will helping with – see Living Springs website  for more information – I’ve heard great things about this  seminar and hope you will be able to attend.

Thanks for your prayer and support,

Scott Reese

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