CHRIST CARES – Ministry Report 11/16/09

Thank you for your prayers and support, we had a very blessed weekend.

Friday 11/13/09 We watched the movie Second Chance with  the Building Bridges Committee of Livings Springs Community Church. This movie highlights the challenges of “Black” and “White” churches working together and is good for getting discussions going on this topic. The Building Bridges Committee is designed specifically to foster the church’s intentional goal of intentionally being a multicultural church. I believe this is a good idea for churches that are located in a multicultural community. Christ Cares would be happy to use it’s vast experience to help your church set up a similar committee.

Saturday 11/14/09 We had the Men’s Bible Study. We were blessed to have Ray Rayburn as our special guest speaker. Ray has written three Bible Study Books: Ephesians, Revelation, and The Holy Spirit. The next Men’s Bible Study is scheduled for the first Saturday of December, 8:30 a.m. at Scott’s house. This is a great opportunity not only to study the Bible, but also to connect with a very diverse group of men from different cultures and backgrounds.

Saturday afternoon we picked up a high quality copier that was donated by Crete Church. We want to send out a sincere THANK YOU! Already we have put it to good use.

Sunday 11/15/09

I (Scott Reese) started day at New Life Baptist Church of Chicago Heights where Rev. Roy Patterson (of Moody Radio) is pastor. They were celibrating their 29th anniversary. This is the church I founded (along with a wonderful Assistant Pastor David Gills and others) in Ford Heights. I served as pastor there for 18 years and it was a blessing to see old friends and to see the work of the Lord continuing on. I briefly shared the story of the founding of the church and God’s miraculous provision of the current ministry center that contains a guymnasium, kitchen, and beatiful auditorium. To God be the glory…

Next I stoped by the East Hazel Crest Bible Church to partake of some of their special Homecoming activities. This is a very special church to me as my dad was pastor there when I was born.  On Wednesday evenings I take children there to partake of their wonderful Olympians Bible Study program and also a teen girl Bible Study lead by Shauntel Guzitas.

Our next stop was the South Suburban Chinese Church of Tinley Park. I have been blessed to preach there on a regular basis for over twenty years. Currently every third Sunday of the month I give the children a brief Bible Lesson and also share a sermon with the adults. Please pray for this wonderful congregation. If you know of any Chinese individuals in need of a church please put them in contact with us. The services are in the afternoons and are in Chinese. This is a way to keep the Chinese culture alive and also to reach out in unique ways to the Chinese population of Chicagoland.

In the evening I was invited to attend evening service of First Church of Lansing by a couple Board Members of Christ Cares.

One response to “CHRIST CARES – Ministry Report 11/16/09

  1. Pastor Ebenezer Arthur

    I’ve seen the good work you all are doing for JESUS and we in Ghana will want to be part of. As the senior Pastor of Agape Restoration Ministries and the entire church in Ghana will Love to be part. Shalom and Stay Bless.
    3John.3:16. Love no human can give except JESUS CHRIST TEH SON OF THE LIVING GOD.

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