Activity for 100 Homeless and Urban Youth

Make a Difference Day - July 21, 2012 is grateful to Orland Park Christian Reformed Church for providing a wonderful VBS type of activity for about one hundred homeless and urban youth. Graded programs for all age groups were provided and the event was organized by Cindy Vander Lann. Bob Love of the Chicago Bulls shared a motivational talk and Urban Missionary Scott Reese shared a Bible Lesson.

Christ Cares brought urban youth from Chicago and the south suburbs including groups from Roseland Christian Ministries and New Life Baptist Church. Christ Cares is very grateful for the generosity & many volunteers of OPCRC Church, as well as it’s Christ Cares volunteers and New Life for making this event possible. We also thank First Reformed Church of Lansing for allowing us to use their mini bus.

Rev. Scott Reese and Bob Love of the Chicago Bulls

To view a video of Scott Reese’s Bible Lesson and Bob Love’s Motivational talk, CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW:

Bob Love & Scott Reese talk to urban youth

Donate to Christ Cares – HERE    BACK TO CHRISTCARES.ORG – HERE

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