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Christ Cares – First quarter Urban Missionary Praise and Prayer Report

please pray for us

Thank you so much for your prayer and support. Only God can change lives and no matter how hard we work or how clever our plans, it is all in vain unless we have God’s Blessings. I am reminded of Paul’s words in 2 Thess. ” brothers and sisters, pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with you. And pray that we may be delivered from wicked and evil people, for not everyone has faith.” If the Apostle Paul needed prayer, how much more do we!!! One of my favorite scriptures is from Zach. 4 ” ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.”   We are blessed that we see spiritual growth in many of the homeless we are working with and I just received a letter in the mail from a young man who told me that he wants to receive Christ as his Savior! However I also have some young people that I have been working with for several years, and although they are good kids and have memorized some scripture, they have not had the transformed lives that we long for. Peer pressure is so strong on these kids, but I know the power of God is greater – please join us in prayer for transformed lives through the power of the Gospel!

seminars and preaching opportunities

We have many highlights over the last several months beyond our regular programs. I have had the privilege to share at a couple of seminars. In January, the Agape Center (CRU / Here’s Life Inner City) had a seminar training on “How to Minister to the Homeless” and they asked me share. In February, Christian Service Ministries, the service ministry of the area Christian Reformed Churches asked me to give a seminar entitled “Church is not a spectator sport“. This was a seminar on how to encourage and empower more people to get involved in ministry. I also had the opportunity to preach at the Pacific Garden Mission a couple times (to over 400 homeless) and the Lord blessed mightily. I enjoyed my regular preaching engagements at Providence Nursing Home (South Holland) and the South Suburban Chinese Church and the other opportunities to share through our regular programs…

Church is not a spectator sport

Church is not a spectator sport

ministry to the homeless prayer requests:

1. roseland christian ministries homeless shelter outreach

For many years we have been providing an evening of fun and spiritual encouragement at the Homeless Shelter for mothers and children. Sometimes there are 75+ there. For several years I went alone or with just one volunteer but the Lord did a wonderful thing the last year or two – He put together a wonderful team of about 14 volunteers to help me minister there. Many are from Homewood Church. What a blessing this has been as we now have specialists in so many areas – the singing, the crafts, the smaller children’s lesson, etc. The program has really improved with all the additional help (I call them the DREAM TEAM OF VOLUNTEERS). Anyway Roseland Christian Ministries is temporarily closing the homeless shelter down and remodeling and also reorganizing their outreach to the homeless. Please pray for Pastor Joe Huizenga and the Roseland Christian Ministries Team as they do this. I would also like your prayer for our wonderful team of volunteers, that they will stay encouraged and that we will have wisdom and direction while waiting to see what opportunities will be available with the reorganized shelter or if we should split the group and help a couple smaller homeless shelters…

Christ Cares Volunteer Team & two RCM staff

Christ Cares Volunteer Team & two RCM staff

2. new outreach to the surburban homeless ladies and children

We are grateful that the Lord has opened an awesome door of opportunity to be a blessing to many homeless ladies. New Life Baptist Church (Founding Pastor Scott Reese & Senior Pastor David Gills) hosts the PADS homeless ladies on Monday nights. Between 50 to 60 homeless ladies sleep on the gym floor on Monday nights. On Tuesday mornings I (Urban Missionary Scott Reese) have a weekly voluntary Bible Study with them. We have also started a devotional program with them (devotional sheet going over the Christian basics) which has been well received.  On Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday mornings we serve and encourage these ladies by praying with them and sharing a verse. We also drive them where they need to go and try to be a blessing to them. Please keep these ladies in prayer – it is a difficult life, but God is bigger than any of their problems or issues. Below is a video of one of the ladies taken last week:

Urban Missionary Scott Reese interviews Christian Homeless Lady – from internetministry on Vimeo.