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The Taste of Reconciliation was a Taste of Heaven


Urban Missionary Scott Reese at the Taste of Reconciliation

Taste of Reconciliation 2010 - more details at



On July 25, 2010 Christ Cares teamed up with the Building Bridges Committee of Living Springs Community Church for the 8th (or 9th?) annual Taste of Reconciliation.

Hundreds of Christians gathered from many ethnic and denominational backgrounds gathered to grow in love and understanding in other Christians in the Body of Christ.


Taste of Reconciliation - food and fellowship

Taste of Reconciliation 2010 Free Ethnic Food Booths



Volunteers from Living Springs arranged an amazing assortment of ethnic food. It was absolutely beyond delicious! Much hard work went into this and it was a blessing that they fed possibly 500 or so people for FREE!  We also appreciate the South Suburban Chinese Church and the Korean United Methodist Church of Homewood IL providing ethnic cuisine. There was also outdoor grilled food and games for children. We appreciate Joan Vanna and her youth group for helping with the games and clean up.


Rev. Roy Patterson of Moody Bible Institute Radio
Rev. Roy Patterson of Moody Bible Institute Radio

We were blessed to have a spiritual time of worship led by various ethnic choirs and singers including:

Pastor James Ford Pastor of Christ Bible Church and Moody Radio

Pastor James Ford Pastor of Christ Bible Church and Moody Radio

Our speaker was Rev. James Ford, pastor of Christ Bible Church, Chicago, IL., author – Seven Reasons Why God Created Marriage, radio host of WMBI’s Wisdom from the Word.

Jackie Rivera of Restoration Ministries - 2010's Reconciliation Award Winner

Jackie Rivera of Restoration Ministries - 2010's Reconciliation Award Winner

This year’s Reconciliation Award went to Ms. Jackie Rivera of Restoration Ministries of Harvey, IL for year many years of dedicated work.

Building Bridges member Wayne Aardsma

Building Bridges member Wayne Aardsma

Special Thanks to our Host and co-sponsor Living Springs Community Church

Building Bridges Committee:

Mia Franklin, Pastor Chris Spoor, Imogene Harrell, Jeannie Williams, Marie Boyd Skinner, *Jamieson Clay, Wayne Aardsma, *Melanie Jongsma, Scott Reese, Karin Vredeveld, Marlene Garrott, Mary Marsh. *co-leaders

There are many other people that I hope to list soon that deserve credit for help in making this event possible. I also hope to add many many photos to the website.

Cliff Williams was our photographer and he is available to video tape or photograph your special event (contact me for his number).

Ed Stroh videotaped the Taste of Reconciliation and I hope to post it soon.

Melanie Jongsma co-leader of the Building Bridges Committe with Jamieson Clay and also wordsmith at Lifelines Publishing put together a couple videos clips of the Taste of Reconciliation 2010:

This year’s Taste of Reconciliation will be July 31, 2011 –

Please mark your calendars – we will soon put information up on how you can become involved at

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Donate School Supplies for Urban Ministry



Please take a few minutes and view this video. Christ Cares is a 501c3 Christian non profit organization that believes the LOVE OF GOD needs to be both proclaimed and demonstrated!

The economic crisis has affected most of us here in America, however, the impact has been devistating in the urban areas. School is about to start in a few weeks and many families are struggling to get the needed school supplies. Christ Cares is collecting school supplies to help met this need and also as a paractical demonstration of God’s love. For over 30 years, our Director, Rev. Scott Reese has been an urban missionary. Please prayerfully consider making a difference and help us secure school supplies and also “share” this video with your friends.

A list of our needed supplies is also posted below.


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GOOD NEWS DAY – Encouraging Christians to share God’s love the day before Easter


CHRIST CARES is sponsoring “GOOD NEWS DAY” on the day before Easter.

Easter provides a wonderful opportunity to share God’s love to your community. Many people who do not attend church regularly are open to attend Easter Services.

Each church tailors the program to what they are most comfortable with. Basically the idea is to connect with those families that live near the church and let them know if they don’t have a church home you’d love to have them attend your Easter Service.

Some churches knock on the doors. We will have “survey cards” available that ask questions such as: What do you think is the community’s greatest needs? How do you think our church can best service the community? and How can we pray for you?

Some churches choose just to drop off information in a door hanger.

There is a prayer breakfast Saturday March 3, 2010; 9:15 a.m. at East Hazel Crest Bible Church : 1204 173rd Street, East Hazel Crest IL 60429. Mapquest the church HERE.

I, (Scott Reese) will briefly share the WORD and then after some prayer the participants will visit those homes near their church and people they think might be interested in attending Easter Services.

I want to encourage you and your church to participate. We are commanded to GO and share the GOOD NEWS. There are many ways to do this. This is one way. I personally think that it would be sad for someone to live just a few blocks from a church and never receive a Gospel witness. Many of you reading this have grown up attending church. We must remember that for most people this is not the case. God in His mercy has chosen us to represent Him and to GO and share the love of God.

CHRIST CARES will provide Easter Tracts and soon will post on this website survey cards and a sample letter that the pastor can write to go out with the materials.

Below is a flier for the event – we will soon post more information.

Monthly Evangelistic Community Outreach to Roseland (Chicago)

Saturday, July 28

Body of Christ Cares provided a meal which helped empower the Galilee Baptist Church have their evangelistic monthly community outreach. We are very grateful for the family that provides this cooked meal for about 50.

We could expand this model to other churches and ministries. Do you know a Christian individual, family, small group,or church that would like to help provide a monthly meal that would help empower ANOTHER church to have a community outreach. The economic slow down has touched all our lives, but it has been particularly devastating to those who were already on the edge of poverty. Possibly God has not called you to the “inner city”  to share the gospel, but consider that your love or ability to cook can be used to make a difference in the city.

Christian Volunteer needed in Schaumburg Illinois

Nordstroms in Schaumburg IL has donated several bags of nice high end clothing to be distributed to those in need.

I am trying to find someone who lives near there or who will be shopping at the mall there that would be willing to pick  up this donation.  I eventually need to get it to the Gallilee Baptist Church of Roseland for distribution but the most important thing  is to get the donation picked up asap to keep Nordstorms happy and in a giving mood to us.

We can latter make arrangements to pick up the donation from you next time we have someone going out that way.

Another possiblility is if someone has a contact at a church near there that we could contact to see if they might have a volunteer to do this.

Volunteer Christian Fishermen (or women) needed

Soon Body of Christ Cares will be sponsoring an activity to take urban youth fishing.

Most of the children involved have never been fishing before and it will be a real treat just to go to a tranquil, safe  location.


(Chicago region on a Saturday morning to early afternoon)

1) We need someone who is familiar with the rules and regulations for the State of Illinois. If we take a group of kids (between 7 and 50 depending on the amount of volunteers and funding available) fishing, do we need to purchase a fishing licence for each kid or only for the adults? Do we purchase this at a currency exchange? Also are there any other regulations that we need to be aware of (minimum size to keep etc.) ?

2) We need volunteers who know how to fish (and possibly clean and fry in case we add some store bought fish and have a fish fry).

3) We need volunteers who are willing to loan us fishing equipment.

4) We also need adult supervision even if you don’t know how to fish.

5) We need help with transportation. Volunteers with cars or vans who are available to pick up and take home kids. The best solution is to have several people get permission to use their church’s van for this. It is also our prayer that the Lord would touch someones heart to purchase us a quality bus to take urban youth on Christian Youth Activities and also to be shared in the BODY OF CHRIST by churches in the Chicagoland area when they have need for a special activity.

6)  Let’s all pray that the kids will have a great time. That they will be refreshed physically, mentally, & spiritually.

7) If  interested  please contact me: Scott 

* If you are not from one of our regular supporting churches – you’ll need to fill out a volunteer application.

* If you come across this blog and are not in the Chicago region we still have many Christian Volunteer Positions available through  Christian Internet Ministry  that you can help with from the convenience of your home. Drop me a note and see for details.