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Evangelism Class & Fall Newsletter

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Evangelism class 11/03/12

The Goal of a Missionary…

is not just activities, programs, or even sharing the “GOOD NEWS” – it is also to make disciples, to empower people to do the work of the ministry.

Successful missionary endeavors continue long after the missionary. This is why we were excited to see over thirty people show up for an Evangelism Class to learn how to share their faith.

This training was held at New Life Baptist Church – those who are long time supporters of Missionary Scott Reese can rejoice that there is now a self sustaining church in a beautiful facility including a gymnasium that started from “scratch” in the projects of Ford Heights over 30 years ago.

Below is a video of singing from a recent Sunday Morning Service at New Life Baptist Church… As a missionary this brings me great joy to see a self sustaining church proclaiming their love to our Savior with all their heart, soul, & mind. I am also grateful that they have continued to be holistic in their ministry as is evidenced by them opening up the church every Monday Night to over 50 homeless mothers and children.

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Pray for new Bible and Basketball Program

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On Wednesdays Missionary Scott Reese leads a Bible and Basketball program at Living Springs Community Church.

The children (ages 11 -13) were encouraged to invite unchurched friends to attend the program with them. Not only are they taught how to increase their basketball skills they are also learning what the Bible says about Christianity.

Please pray … for the Christian kids to better understand their faith and to be motivated to share their faith with others.

While I (Scott Reese) was in junior high I began to aggressively share my faith. In fact just this past week, I came across Noel King – while I was at Walgreens. I met Noel (who came from a unchurched family) when I was out witnessing as a teenager and invited her to come to my Bible Club. She soon became a Christian and when she got older she went to Bible College. It was a blessing to hear Noel share how after all these years she is still serving the Lord – she weekly runs a bus route with her husband to take children to church and also encourages about 300 women by email every week who are part of a missions group. Anyway, that little story is just to explain why I believe that young people can and should share their faith…

Also pray for those in the Bible and Basketball program that are not Christians… that God would grant them understanding and conviction to trust Christ as their savior.

Body of Christ Cares can train and empower your church to use sports as a way to share the gospel – we must never forget our great mission, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel” ┬áMark 16:15