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Christ the Greatest Gift – Christmas Toy Drive Instructions

for decades, urban missionary scott reese has been providing christmas toys and a christian witness to needy children of chicagoland. toy donations are needed!!! please read the informational sheet on how to make your toy donations.

* If the video above is not of Christmas Toy Distribution (a youtube glitch at times) then please view the video HERE additional Christmas videos are HERE

with your help, together, we can bless hundreds of children!

through a couple programs christ cares ministers to  over 100 homeless ladies & children on a weekly basis. we want to bless these precious children plus many others whose families are struggling with poverty.

urban missionary scott reese has known probably over 100 people who have been murdered and this year we are placing a special emphasis of trying to help children who have had a parent or sibling murdered… please help us demonstrate god’s love, healing, and hope in a practical way.

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christ cares also empowers other strategic, bible believing, urban Christian ministries, with toys to empower them to be the center of hope and help in their community.

donate to christ cares’ general budget – here

* The economic needs are great, but we believe the greatest needs are spiritual – please help provide a PREACHER, A MINISTER OF HOPE & THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, by supporting Christ Cares…

(see info sheet above on how to donate toys)

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Christ Cares Urban Missionary Report – 6/30/12

Crete Reformed Church's VBS had a special project to help Urban Missionary Scott Reese and ChristCares.org

Crete Church’s VBS Children collected snacks and juice boxes to help Urban Missionary Scott Reese and Christ Cares.org

Friday june 22, 2012

A special thanks to Crete Reformed Church. Their VBS children collected Granola Bars and Juice Boxes to help us share Jesus to urban children. During the summer we provide snacks along with Bible Programs for 60 to 100 kids and homeless moms. In the Fall Lord willing we will be starting a few new programs and will need weekly snacks for up to 200 per week! We hope other churches will collect snacks & juice boxes to help us with this. It is really nice to have the snacks  as a practical demonstration of Christ’s love while we teach God’s love. A special thanks to the children, their parents, Carol Milsap and all the volunteers.

Christ Cares has Ministry Boxes available to place donations to help urban youth.

Christ Cares has Ministry Donation Boxes available for your church to collect snacks, juice boxes, and raffle gifts to help Christ Cares demonstrate God’s love while teaching about God’s love.

Ministry Donation Boxes are available for your Church.


Saturday, June 23 – Schepel Buick/GMC Car Show.

Schepel Buick/GMC car show

Schepel Buick/GMC Charity car show – to benefit Elim Ministries. This will make it possible for Elim Ministries to work with Christ Cares to donate school supplies to over 600 children in economically hard hit areas.

We brought a van load of kids to the Schepel Buick/GMC Charity Car Show. Tom Van Prooyen, the owner of Schepel Buick/GMC started this charity event to aid Elim Ministries – a wonderful ministry that helps individuals with disabilities to be equipped to achieve their highest God-given potential. Elim will purchase school supplies and hire their people to put together school supply packs.

This fund raiser will enable Elim Ministries to work in conjunction with  Christ Cares to provide school supplies for all the children of Ford Heights and also Wilson School of Chicago Heights. A special thanks to Bob Stine for making this possible as well as my friend Ken Lautenbach for introducing me to Bob.

Korean United Methodist Church

Korean United Methodist Church

Sunday, june 24

I (Scott Reese) had a wonderful time preaching at the Korean United Methodist Church Overflow English Ministry. I thank God for the Body of Christ and the awesome privilege to be blessed and enriched by so many different cultures and ministries.

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The Taste of Reconciliation was a Taste of Heaven


Urban Missionary Scott Reese at the Taste of Reconciliation

Taste of Reconciliation 2010 - more details at http://www.tasteofreconciliation.com



On July 25, 2010 Christ Cares teamed up with the Building Bridges Committee of Living Springs Community Church for the 8th (or 9th?) annual Taste of Reconciliation.

Hundreds of Christians gathered from many ethnic and denominational backgrounds gathered to grow in love and understanding in other Christians in the Body of Christ.


Taste of Reconciliation - food and fellowship

Taste of Reconciliation 2010 Free Ethnic Food Booths



Volunteers from Living Springs arranged an amazing assortment of ethnic food. It was absolutely beyond delicious! Much hard work went into this and it was a blessing that they fed possibly 500 or so people for FREE!  We also appreciate the South Suburban Chinese Church and the Korean United Methodist Church of Homewood IL providing ethnic cuisine. There was also outdoor grilled food and games for children. We appreciate Joan Vanna and her youth group for helping with the games and clean up.


Rev. Roy Patterson of Moody Bible Institute Radio
Rev. Roy Patterson of Moody Bible Institute Radio

We were blessed to have a spiritual time of worship led by various ethnic choirs and singers including:

Pastor James Ford Pastor of Christ Bible Church and Moody Radio

Pastor James Ford Pastor of Christ Bible Church and Moody Radio

Our speaker was Rev. James Ford, pastor of Christ Bible Church, Chicago, IL., author – Seven Reasons Why God Created Marriage, radio host of WMBI’s Wisdom from the Word.

Jackie Rivera of Restoration Ministries - 2010's Reconciliation Award Winner

Jackie Rivera of Restoration Ministries - 2010's Reconciliation Award Winner

This year’s Reconciliation Award went to Ms. Jackie Rivera of Restoration Ministries of Harvey, IL for year many years of dedicated work.

Building Bridges member Wayne Aardsma

Building Bridges member Wayne Aardsma

Special Thanks to our Host and co-sponsor Living Springs Community Church

Building Bridges Committee:

Mia Franklin, Pastor Chris Spoor, Imogene Harrell, Jeannie Williams, Marie Boyd Skinner, *Jamieson Clay, Wayne Aardsma, *Melanie Jongsma, Scott Reese, Karin Vredeveld, Marlene Garrott, Mary Marsh. *co-leaders

There are many other people that I hope to list soon that deserve credit for help in making this event possible. I also hope to add many many photos to the http://tasteofreconciliation.com website.

Cliff Williams was our photographer and he is available to video tape or photograph your special event (contact me for his number).

Ed Stroh videotaped the Taste of Reconciliation and I hope to post it soon.

Melanie Jongsma co-leader of the Building Bridges Committe with Jamieson Clay and also wordsmith at Lifelines Publishing put together a couple videos clips of the Taste of Reconciliation 2010:

This year’s Taste of Reconciliation will be July 31, 2011 –

Please mark your calendars – we will soon put information up on how you can become involved at http://tasteofreconciliation.com

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8/14/09 Body of Christ Cares QUICK UPDATE

Last Saturday we took urban kids fishing – For some it was their first time. We had a wonderful time! Thanks Chuck and Angela for letting us fish at your place…

Body of Christ works together in Ford Heights – weekly update 8/5/09

On July 25 BodyofChristCares.org partnered with a Christian men’s Bible Study to help empower Christ Temple #2 Church have a community outreach in Ford Heights, IL. Rev. Futrell is the pastor and has a big heart for the community. Pictured is Rich Van Til with Body of Christ Cares’ inflatible bouncer. Also pictured is a snow cone machine that we borrowed for this event, the Taste of Reconciliation, and also at the homeless shelter – We would love to have someone buy us a snow cone machine for us to share with the “Body of Christ” to empower groups to demonstrate God’s love in practical ways to their community

On July 26 we had our 7th annual Taste of Reconciliation We had about 550 attend and had an absolutely wonderful time! A special thank you to the Building Bridges Committee of Living Springs Community Church and all those that helped to make this event possible. Soon we will have a special post with pictures and video of this event.

Special need: This Saturday (August 7) I am taking some urban children fishing – I need fishing poles! Please contact me (708-539-893nine) if you have one we can borrow or if you are willing to buy one (Walmart has them for about $15). I am also taking kids on September 29 and might need more volunteers.


School Supplies needed as a demonstration of God’s love

Body of Christ Cares is collecting school supplies for urban ministry.

We want to send out a special thank you to the kids of  Homewood Church.

Their VBS program raised over $900 for us to purchase school supplies. I believe this is the largest offering we have ever received from a VBS program. This has put us off to a good start, but the need in Chicagoland is astounding and we still have a goal of helping hundreds of more families.

I especially want to make an appeal for those churches who collect school supplies for those in need and then donate them to a secular non profit to distribute them…  Body of Christ Cares not only distributes the school supplies to impoverished communities, we also distribute them in the name of Jesus- they go out with a gospel witness or they help a struggling Christian family. Christian Churches are empowered to be the center of hope and help in their distressed communities. Please consider the full mission of helping those in need…

Our nation is in crisis, economic needs are real, but we must also remember the greatest needs are spiritual… Body of Christ Cares believes in following the holistic ministry example of Jesus by endeavoring to meet both physical and spiritual needs.

The world will know that God cares, when it sees that the Body of Christ Cares.

Below is the video we showed at Homewood Church to help explain the Back to School Supplies Project to the children.

If you would like to help us spread the word – You can print the document below to distribute at your church or you can email the document to your friends (Click the “More” Button)


Pray for new Bible and Basketball Program

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On Wednesdays Missionary Scott Reese leads a Bible and Basketball program at Living Springs Community Church.

The children (ages 11 -13) were encouraged to invite unchurched friends to attend the program with them. Not only are they taught how to increase their basketball skills they are also learning what the Bible says about Christianity.

Please pray … for the Christian kids to better understand their faith and to be motivated to share their faith with others.

While I (Scott Reese) was in junior high I began to aggressively share my faith. In fact just this past week, I came across Noel King – while I was at Walgreens. I met Noel (who came from a unchurched family) when I was out witnessing as a teenager and invited her to come to my Bible Club. She soon became a Christian and when she got older she went to Bible College. It was a blessing to hear Noel share how after all these years she is still serving the Lord – she weekly runs a bus route with her husband to take children to church and also encourages about 300 women by email every week who are part of a missions group. Anyway, that little story is just to explain why I believe that young people can and should share their faith…

Also pray for those in the Bible and Basketball program that are not Christians… that God would grant them understanding and conviction to trust Christ as their savior.

Body of Christ Cares can train and empower your church to use sports as a way to share the gospel – we must never forget our great mission, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel”  Mark 16:15