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Christ Cares 2014 update

Thanks for your prayer and help.

The Lord has been blessing our missionary efforts and we are very grateful.

I apologize that I have not been able to keep up with the blog posts, there is so much I hope to share – God’s blessings has been amazing!. We are understaffed so it has been difficult to get our website up to date – we do hope to do that soon. In the meantime:

1) Please visit my Facebook page and scroll down my timeline – you will see many pictures and videos of our activities.


2) Here is a copy of our updated brochure, please pass it along to Christians and churches that are not familiar with Christ Cares. Also please glance at our volunteer opportunities and see if there is a volunteer opportunity that you might be interested in.

Christ Cares brochure 2014 

3) We are completely updating our entire website. This should be done by April 1, 2014. We are really excited about this and it will contain detailed information, pictures, and videos of our urban missionary endeavors.  http://ChristCares.org    Please mark your calendar to visit us on April 1.

4) Please continue to pray for us and share any request you may have with us. PRAYER MAKES A DIFFERENCE! I’m so grateful that God hears and answers our prayers…   If you have any questions please give me a call,

In Christ,

Scott Reese



Christ Cares Spring 2013 Newsletter

Christ Cares is a Christian non profit organization that is sharing the hope and help of the GOOD NEWS to the urban Chicago area.

Director Scott Reese is an urban missionary with 35 years of experience sharing the gospel with the poor. Christ Cares helps the homeless, feeds the needy, runs urban youth programs for at risk children, helps other urban ministries including the church they founded – New Life Baptist.

Christ Cares is a non denominational Christian mission organization in need of funding and volunteers. SEE http://christcares.org for more information or to make a donation.




Christ Cares – First quarter Urban Missionary Praise and Prayer Report

please pray for us

Thank you so much for your prayer and support. Only God can change lives and no matter how hard we work or how clever our plans, it is all in vain unless we have God’s Blessings. I am reminded of Paul’s words in 2 Thess. ” brothers and sisters, pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with you. And pray that we may be delivered from wicked and evil people, for not everyone has faith.” If the Apostle Paul needed prayer, how much more do we!!! One of my favorite scriptures is from Zach. 4 ” ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.”   We are blessed that we see spiritual growth in many of the homeless we are working with and I just received a letter in the mail from a young man who told me that he wants to receive Christ as his Savior! However I also have some young people that I have been working with for several years, and although they are good kids and have memorized some scripture, they have not had the transformed lives that we long for. Peer pressure is so strong on these kids, but I know the power of God is greater – please join us in prayer for transformed lives through the power of the Gospel!

seminars and preaching opportunities

We have many highlights over the last several months beyond our regular programs. I have had the privilege to share at a couple of seminars. In January, the Agape Center (CRU / Here’s Life Inner City) had a seminar training on “How to Minister to the Homeless” and they asked me share. In February, Christian Service Ministries, the service ministry of the area Christian Reformed Churches asked me to give a seminar entitled “Church is not a spectator sport“. This was a seminar on how to encourage and empower more people to get involved in ministry. I also had the opportunity to preach at the Pacific Garden Mission a couple times (to over 400 homeless) and the Lord blessed mightily. I enjoyed my regular preaching engagements at Providence Nursing Home (South Holland) and the South Suburban Chinese Church and the other opportunities to share through our regular programs…

Church is not a spectator sport

Church is not a spectator sport

ministry to the homeless prayer requests:

1. roseland christian ministries homeless shelter outreach

For many years we have been providing an evening of fun and spiritual encouragement at the Homeless Shelter for mothers and children. Sometimes there are 75+ there. For several years I went alone or with just one volunteer but the Lord did a wonderful thing the last year or two – He put together a wonderful team of about 14 volunteers to help me minister there. Many are from Homewood Church. What a blessing this has been as we now have specialists in so many areas – the singing, the crafts, the smaller children’s lesson, etc. The program has really improved with all the additional help (I call them the DREAM TEAM OF VOLUNTEERS). Anyway Roseland Christian Ministries is temporarily closing the homeless shelter down and remodeling and also reorganizing their outreach to the homeless. Please pray for Pastor Joe Huizenga and the Roseland Christian Ministries Team as they do this. I would also like your prayer for our wonderful team of volunteers, that they will stay encouraged and that we will have wisdom and direction while waiting to see what opportunities will be available with the reorganized shelter or if we should split the group and help a couple smaller homeless shelters…

Christ Cares Volunteer Team & two RCM staff

Christ Cares Volunteer Team & two RCM staff

2. new outreach to the surburban homeless ladies and children

We are grateful that the Lord has opened an awesome door of opportunity to be a blessing to many homeless ladies. New Life Baptist Church (Founding Pastor Scott Reese & Senior Pastor David Gills) hosts the PADS homeless ladies on Monday nights. Between 50 to 60 homeless ladies sleep on the gym floor on Monday nights. On Tuesday mornings I (Urban Missionary Scott Reese) have a weekly voluntary Bible Study with them. We have also started a devotional program with them (devotional sheet going over the Christian basics) which has been well received.  On Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday mornings we serve and encourage these ladies by praying with them and sharing a verse. We also drive them where they need to go and try to be a blessing to them. Please keep these ladies in prayer – it is a difficult life, but God is bigger than any of their problems or issues. Below is a video of one of the ladies taken last week:

Urban Missionary Scott Reese interviews Christian Homeless Lady – ChristCares.org from internetministry on Vimeo.





Christian Volunteers – Please read, an encouraging reminder that we never know how God will use us…

Amazing story how God used a volunteer's simple act of faithfulness to change thousands of lives

Amazing story how God used a volunteer’s simple act of faithfulness to change thousands of lives…

Many years ago, it was a cold February night in Chicago. A volunteer for the Pacific Garden Mission had to make a decision if he was to brave the cold weather or stay home – his position was not considered important by many – he was not a preacher, he just stood outside the mission and encouraged needy people to go inside & get help. He went… 

Earlier that night a man named Mel Trotter was despondent and depressed due to alcoholism and poor choices – he had lost his job, his marriage was messed up and he had gone to Chicago for a drinking binge. Finally, suicidal & out of money he sold his shoes in a tavern to get a final drink. He then got directions to Lake Michigan where he figured he would jump in and commit suicide… On his way, he passed the the Pacific Garden Mission & the volunteer encouraged him & pulled him in the mission… there he heard the gospel preached and that even though he was “messed up” God still loved him…

He trusted Christ as his savior & God transformed his life… soon he began to share his testimony and became a minister… God used him in a powerful way… He helped start the Mel Trotter Rescue Mission & Church in Grand Rapids Michigan… Soon he was used to start missions in many cities across America and became an evangelist and thousands of people came to the Lord as a result of his ministry…. This is a great reminder to us on the importance of our volunteer activities, even if it doesn’t seem to be an important job, you never know how God will bless your faithfulness… Thousands were saved as the result of that volunteer being there & Mel Trotter becoming a Christian… 

I WANT TO TELL YOU THE STORY OF JUST ONE OF THE THOUSANDS THAT WERE SAVED. A 13 year old boy visited the Mel Trotter Church in Grand Rapids … he saw a choir perform & asked if he could join – the director shared that it was a Christian choir & then the 13 year old boy put his trust in Christ as his savior… that boy grew up to be a missionary, pastor, evangelist, Bible College teacher, & author… that man was my Father Ed Reese, who along with my mom raised me in the Christian Faith & now I (Scott Reese) have been an urban missionary for over 30 years…

LAST FRIDAY NIGHT (12/28/12) I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO PREACH AT THE PACIFIC GARDEN MISSION… where this all began… it was an amazing night and an opportunity… I’m not sure how many were there, I’m guessing over 400… Katie Reese sang with the youth group of Christian Heritage Church… After preaching a gospel message, We had about 7 indicate that they would like to become Christians – we prayed with them & encouraged them to talk with the mission staff… Please pray for them… Praise the Lord …




Over 1,000 Urban Children receive School Supplies!!!

Thanks to generous donations from Christians and area churches, School Supplies were donated to over 1,000 urban youth. We are grateful to Bob Stine and Elim Ministries for networking with us and allowing us to greatly increase our annual ministry project. We were able to bless children in Ford Heights, Chicago Heights, Robbins, and Chicago including EVERY GRADE SCHOOL AND MIDDLE SCHOOL CHILD FROM FORD HEIGHTS.

We would also like to thank First Reformed Church of Lansing, Crete Church, Hillside Community Church, Calvary Church of Orland Park, the Agape Center, and the other area Churches and Christians who donated School Supplies.

We cosponsored a Back to School Rally in Roseland at Galilee Baptist Church and were able to bless Roseland Christian Ministries Homeless Shelter.

Children were excited, parents were grateful, urban ministers were empowered, and God was Glorified by this display of Christian Compassion.

Donate to Christ Cares – HERE    BACK TO CHRISTCARES.ORG – HERE

Activity for 100 Homeless and Urban Youth

Make a Difference Day - July 21, 2012

ChristCares.org is grateful to Orland Park Christian Reformed Church for providing a wonderful VBS type of activity for about one hundred homeless and urban youth. Graded programs for all age groups were provided and the event was organized by Cindy Vander Lann. Bob Love of the Chicago Bulls shared a motivational talk and Urban Missionary Scott Reese shared a Bible Lesson.

Christ Cares brought urban youth from Chicago and the south suburbs including groups from Roseland Christian Ministries and New Life Baptist Church. Christ Cares is very grateful for the generosity & many volunteers of OPCRC Church, as well as it’s Christ Cares volunteers and New Life for making this event possible. We also thank First Reformed Church of Lansing for allowing us to use their mini bus.

Rev. Scott Reese and Bob Love of the Chicago Bulls

To view a video of Scott Reese’s Bible Lesson and Bob Love’s Motivational talk, CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW:

Bob Love & Scott Reese talk to urban youth

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We are very grateful for Campus Crusade’s Agape Center for donating 50 Thanksgiving “Boxes of Love” to CHRIST CARES. Following the Agape Center’s guidlines we targeted families that were not only struggling financially but also were unchurched. The goal was to use this Turkey, meal, and Christian Materials as a demonstration of God’s love to connect with unchurched families.  I am especially grateful to the volunteers who helped with the distribution mostly in Ford Heights, Chicago Heights, and Robbins: Jeff Bryson, Fred Edmond (Sr. & Jr.), Tommie Beasley, Sam Williams, Bryan Bell, David Gills, and Robin Quin.

CHRIST CARES  also sponsored our monthly Community Outreach Dinner in Roseland and are grateful for the Liccar family for providing this meal. Please pray for the Gallilee Baptist Church as they endeavor to share God’s love in Roseland (Chicago).

Christian volunteers

Christ Cares Volunteers Fred Edmond (Sr. & Jr.)

We are also in need of donations of canned hams and food for additional families that we work with that are struggling financially at this time. Please let us know if you can help.

Sunday (11/22/09) was a tremendous blessing for my daughter Katie and me. One of the families we distributed a “Box of Love” to on Saturday had 10 children living there. On Sunday, Katie and I brought 4 of the older children to church. Afterwards we spent some time with them and shared the “GOOD NEWS” of God’s great love and plan of salvation. We praise the Lord as they were already “planted” and “watered” in that they were already prepared and hungering to know God and ready to accept His marvelous gift of salvation. We praise the Lord for “child like faith”. Please pray for Briana, Bridget, Earline, and Margaret.

Sunday afternoon Lisa, Katie, and I went to the home of one of our faithful supporters, Loraine Smith. Although Christ Cares has many people who donate throughout the year, the vast majority of support comes from just about 15 individuals, couples, or churches that support us on a monthly/regular basis. We are very grateful to this special crowd of partners and want to get to know them (you) better. Lisa is back helping me with donor relations, and we’d love to have the opportunity to fellowship with you sometime.  Anyway, we had a wonderful afternoon playing “Crowns”, chatting, and munching on snacks. Loraine is 83 and now has some health issues, so I’d appreciate your prayers for her.

A special note about the AGAPE CENTER: For those not familiar with them, they are a wonderful urban ministry impacting hundreds of lives in the Roseland area and I highly reccommend them. (More info on the Agape Center – HERE). They have been a blessing to me and my ministry endeavors for probably over 20 years! Please pray for them, the economic downturn has hurt most non profits, I know they had to drastically cut back on their Turkey distribution this year. Also, there was a very high profile gang related murder in their parking lot. You probably saw this on the news as it was a national story. I am personally grateful to God in that the afternoon that this happened I had planned on stopping by the Agape Center to try to see Milton, but God changed my mind and I missed that event.  Unfortunately I’ve been involved with many similar murder catastrophies and know the physical, emotional, and even spiritual drain these situations can be. I still struggle with post traumatic stress issues to some degree over some of the multitude of murder situations I’ve been through. Anyway, I want to encourage you to have your church pray for Milton Massie and the dedicated staff of the Agape Center. Pray that the Lord will protect them, refresh them, and empower them to continue being a beacon of light and love to that community.

Monthly Evangelistic Community Outreach to Roseland (Chicago)

Saturday, July 28

Body of Christ Cares provided a meal which helped empower the Galilee Baptist Church have their evangelistic monthly community outreach. We are very grateful for the family that provides this cooked meal for about 50.

We could expand this model to other churches and ministries. Do you know a Christian individual, family, small group,or church that would like to help provide a monthly meal that would help empower ANOTHER church to have a community outreach. The economic slow down has touched all our lives, but it has been particularly devastating to those who were already on the edge of poverty. Possibly God has not called you to the “inner city”  to share the gospel, but consider that your love or ability to cook can be used to make a difference in the city.