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HAVE YOU EVER READ TOLSTOY??? To me he was just one of those authors that I knew I should know about, but knew very little. I just read his short story – WHERE LOVE IS, THERE GOD IS ALSO – Leo Tolstoy. It only takes 5 or 10 minutes to read… I THINK YOU WOULD ENJOY IT… I posted it on the ChristCares.org website – http://bodyofchristcares.christianinternetministry.com/christian_volunteer_tolstoy.html

(I found this picture at http://www.linguadex.com/tolstoy/)



Christian Volunteers – Please read, an encouraging reminder that we never know how God will use us…

Amazing story how God used a volunteer's simple act of faithfulness to change thousands of lives

Amazing story how God used a volunteer’s simple act of faithfulness to change thousands of lives…

Many years ago, it was a cold February night in Chicago. A volunteer for the Pacific Garden Mission had to make a decision if he was to brave the cold weather or stay home – his position was not considered important by many – he was not a preacher, he just stood outside the mission and encouraged needy people to go inside & get help. He went… 

Earlier that night a man named Mel Trotter was despondent and depressed due to alcoholism and poor choices – he had lost his job, his marriage was messed up and he had gone to Chicago for a drinking binge. Finally, suicidal & out of money he sold his shoes in a tavern to get a final drink. He then got directions to Lake Michigan where he figured he would jump in and commit suicide… On his way, he passed the the Pacific Garden Mission & the volunteer encouraged him & pulled him in the mission… there he heard the gospel preached and that even though he was “messed up” God still loved him…

He trusted Christ as his savior & God transformed his life… soon he began to share his testimony and became a minister… God used him in a powerful way… He helped start the Mel Trotter Rescue Mission & Church in Grand Rapids Michigan… Soon he was used to start missions in many cities across America and became an evangelist and thousands of people came to the Lord as a result of his ministry…. This is a great reminder to us on the importance of our volunteer activities, even if it doesn’t seem to be an important job, you never know how God will bless your faithfulness… Thousands were saved as the result of that volunteer being there & Mel Trotter becoming a Christian… 

I WANT TO TELL YOU THE STORY OF JUST ONE OF THE THOUSANDS THAT WERE SAVED. A 13 year old boy visited the Mel Trotter Church in Grand Rapids … he saw a choir perform & asked if he could join – the director shared that it was a Christian choir & then the 13 year old boy put his trust in Christ as his savior… that boy grew up to be a missionary, pastor, evangelist, Bible College teacher, & author… that man was my Father Ed Reese, who along with my mom raised me in the Christian Faith & now I (Scott Reese) have been an urban missionary for over 30 years…

LAST FRIDAY NIGHT (12/28/12) I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO PREACH AT THE PACIFIC GARDEN MISSION… where this all began… it was an amazing night and an opportunity… I’m not sure how many were there, I’m guessing over 400… Katie Reese sang with the youth group of Christian Heritage Church… After preaching a gospel message, We had about 7 indicate that they would like to become Christians – we prayed with them & encouraged them to talk with the mission staff… Please pray for them… Praise the Lord …




Important Announcements – Christ Cares Oct. 2012

upcoming special events, resources & Volunteer needs:

* Tuesday, Oct. 30 – Scott Reese is speaking at a seminar sponsored by Christian Service Ministries. 7 pm “Caring for the unemployed person in your church or community–getting at emotional & spiritual needs” at Faith Christian Reformed Church.  Free.  Please reserve a seat by calling Jan Visser 708-307-2370

* Wednesday, Oct. 31 – We are helping three Christian Alternative Activities on Halloween Night. CANDY DONATIONS ARE NEEDED! PLEASE CALL & LET US KNOW  YOU CAN HELP. 708-539-8939

* Saturday, Nov. 3 – Christ Cares is sponsoring an Evangelism Training. Please help spread the word. 8:30 a.m. Breakfast & Fellowship, 9:15 – 10:30 a.m. Evangelism Training – How to Share your faith. At New Life Baptist Church – 1633 Wilson Ave., Chicago Heights IL.

The great commission was not just given to pastors! One of our greatest responsibilities of Christians is to share the “Good News”. We will share how to do this and empower you with gospel tracts so you’ll be ready when God opens a door of opportunity. Fliers are available for your church.

* Sunday, Nov. 4 – Scott is preaching at the Chinese Church – do you have any unchurched Chinese friends, neighbors, or co workers? contact us for info.

* Saturday, Nov. 10 – Rozetta Baptist Church is visiting us from Central Illinois. They will be helping us with a community outreach meal in Roseland and then a one day Vacation Bible School in Chicago Heights. We need help with transportation of urban youth for this activity (afternoon).


  • We have a meal that needs to be picked up in Crete IL and delivered to Roseland (Chicago). This is for a Community Outreach Meal for the poor & homeless.
  • We need help picking up and transporting 50 thanksgiving baskets from the Agape Center in Chicago to Chicago Heights. We also are looking for freezer  space for Saturday/Sunday.
  • We are partnering with Orland Park Christian Reformed Church in another “Make a Difference Day” – a one day VBS type activity & thanksgiving meal. WE NEED HELP TRANSPORTING ABOUT 100 HOMELESS & URBAN YOUTH FOR THIS ACTIVITY – PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU CAN DRIVE FOR THIS – ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A VAN…

* Sunday, Nov. 18 – we are distributing “Boxes of Love” Thanksgiving Baskets. We are grateful that the Agape Center – CRU’s (Campus Crusade) Here’s Life Inner City is donating 50 Thanksgiving Baskets. WE COULD USE ADDITIONAL THANKSGIVING BOX DONATIONS – PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU CAN HELP.

* (Reminder / mark your calendar – the due date for “Christ the Greatest Gift Christmas Toy Drive” is   Dec. 16, 2012)

* OTHER NEEDS – 1) A sandwich sign to help better promote our Roseland Community meals  2) An HD quality video camera (donation or allowing us to borrow it) to empower us to make a much needed fund raising video.


1) My (Scott’s) brother Lane is having trouble with his leukemia again and is going through a challenging time. The day before he found out, his wife (Marlina) lost her job and his state of health has made it difficult for Lane to work – so on top of the health concerns they have financial pressure. The week after they found out, they had a fire at his house and they lost everything in their bedroom.  He has already started chemo. There is a good chance that I will need to go down to Texas this December to do a stem cell transplant. This is a very serious situation & I’d appreciate your prayers. If you’d like to send him a note of encouragement or help, his address is: Lane Reese – 403 S. Main, Aubrey, Tx. 76227

2) We are in process of putting in place some new programs to share God’s love to the area’s homeless through the PADS program. PADS is a wonderful organization that uses churches to house the homeless one night a week, however there is no spiritual component to this. We are praying for wisdom and provision to inspire and empower these churches to add a voluntary Bible Study before or after this program. (More info in the article below)

Why a homeless person would not want their picture taken.

Ladies, did you ever have a bad hair day? Imagine yourself in some unusual situation – possibly a camping trip or an all day traveling experience and then someone takes out a camera and starts taking pictures of you… Now multiply this 100 fold and imagine what it would be like to be homeless, possibly unable to shower for days, being tired, weary, and stressed… you meet a pastor to help you & then he whips a camera and starts snapping pictures of you… This is a dilemma we face… our donors want to see pictures and video and these are very effective ways to share needs and inspire people to get involved… On the other hand, it can be disrespectful & demeaning to take a picture of a homeless person for a variety of reasons… they have pride and feelings too! Pray for wisdom for us – another consideration is that the Lord teaches us that we should do our “good deeds” in secret – this puts a missionary in an awkward position as far as to what degree to document the good deeds that he and the ministry are doing…

This being said do know we are committed to sharing as much video etc as possible. A couple times every month we post updates & pictures on what we are doing –  few ministries to do this, but we do want you to be aware that often it is not appropriate to photograph all our endeavors…

Last Tuesday morning early I was at the New Life Baptist Church of Chicago Heights for the PADS homeless program. It was a touching sight – 56 women and children slept on the gymnasium floor on mats because they were homeless… my heart goes out to them and we are looking at ways to help them spiritually and practically…I wish you could have seen it, I’m sure you would be impacted…  In addition to supporting Christ Cares to empower us to make a difference, A PRACTICAL WAY TO HELP IS TO PURCHASE AND COLLECT  WHITE  SOCKS AND TOILETRIES FOR US… THANKS… (soon we will need volunteers on Monday nights to help with this outreach, BUT WE DO HAVE AN IMMEDIATE NEED FOR A VOLUNTEER TO HELP ME TUESDAY MORNINGS FROM 5:45 a.m. TO 8:00 a.m.)



Body of Christ Cares – Update 6/29/09

This weekend Body of Christ Cares helped Lorimer Baptist Church with a community outreach that drew 110 children.

For quite some time, Lorimer Baptist Church has set a good example how a multicultural church can function efficently – the differences of cultures in their congregation has strengthened their church.

Below is Rev. Derek Jackson, Associate Pastor, sharing a word of thanks.

A couple weeks ago we were able to help Roseland Christian School with their special program.

We are grateful for those who have provided the resources for us to share with THE BODY OF CHRIST.

* WE HAVE A SPECIAL RESOURCE NEED – A SNOW CONE MACHINE! Possibly you, your church, or your youth group could provide this. Last year I borrowed one quite a bit – it was a real blessing, especially when we had large outreaches on hot days. I also used it at Roseland Christian Ministries’ homeless shelter – there is no air conditioning there and on a very hot day, a snow cone is a real blessing… I think of the verse of giving a cup of cold water in Jesus’s name. Let us know if you would like to help with this.


Other news:

The last two Sundays I preached at the East Hazel Crest Bible Church This is a special treat for me as it is the church my dad was pastor of when I was born. I was encouraged as last week two Junior High Boys came up to me, thanked me and said they liked the sermon (those who preach know how rare this is for that age group!),  and yesterday I had a teenge girl come up to me afterwards to say she wants to start volunteering at the Homeless Shelter.


* No Men’s Bible Study this Saturday – Enjoy July 4!

* Taste of Reconciliation will be July 26 – see TasteofReconciliation.com for details.

* Double Check with your church and make sure they are collecting School Supplies for Body of Christ Cares.

Prayer Requests:

* This week, Rich Van Til is winding down his time at Chicagoland Prison Outreach and is beginning to help Body of Christ Cares…

* We are praying that the Lord will send new churches and Christian individuals to support Body of Christ Cares – we need additional funding to: get the rest of my (Scott Reese) salary in place, program and resource expences, and it is also our desire to pay Rich a part time salary.

* A church in Roseland has contacted me and asked my help in formulating a plan to reduce the violence in their area and how to minister effectively to victims of violence (they just had a grade school boy shot and killed near their church).

* Please pray that God will grant wisdom and direction as we continue to formulate our summer and fall endeavors. Also pray for God’s blessings… it is not by might or power, but by My Spirit says the Lord… Only God can change a life – pray that souls will be saved and lives transformed by the power of the Gospel.


Volunteer Christian Fishermen (or women) needed

Soon Body of Christ Cares will be sponsoring an activity to take urban youth fishing.

Most of the children involved have never been fishing before and it will be a real treat just to go to a tranquil, safe  location.


(Chicago region on a Saturday morning to early afternoon)

1) We need someone who is familiar with the rules and regulations for the State of Illinois. If we take a group of kids (between 7 and 50 depending on the amount of volunteers and funding available) fishing, do we need to purchase a fishing licence for each kid or only for the adults? Do we purchase this at a currency exchange? Also are there any other regulations that we need to be aware of (minimum size to keep etc.) ?

2) We need volunteers who know how to fish (and possibly clean and fry in case we add some store bought fish and have a fish fry).

3) We need volunteers who are willing to loan us fishing equipment.

4) We also need adult supervision even if you don’t know how to fish.

5) We need help with transportation. Volunteers with cars or vans who are available to pick up and take home kids. The best solution is to have several people get permission to use their church’s van for this. It is also our prayer that the Lord would touch someones heart to purchase us a quality bus to take urban youth on Christian Youth Activities and also to be shared in the BODY OF CHRIST by churches in the Chicagoland area when they have need for a special activity.

6)  Let’s all pray that the kids will have a great time. That they will be refreshed physically, mentally, & spiritually.

7) If  interested  please contact me: Scott ReeseScott@BodyofChristCares.org 

* If you are not from one of our regular supporting churches – you’ll need to fill out a volunteer application.

* If you come across this blog and are not in the Chicago region we still have many Christian Volunteer Positions available through  Christian Internet Ministry  that you can help with from the convenience of your home. Drop me a note and see http://christianinternetministry.com for details.

Body of Christ Cares Update

Body of Christ Cares logo

Body of Christ Cares logo

Starting in June Bodyof Christ Cares will be update This BODY OF CHRIST BLOG  on a weekly basis.

We will share ministry updates and praise reports as well as prayer requests, volunteer requests, and devotional studies.

Information on BODY OF CHRIST CARES is on our website bodyofchristcares.org