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Christ Cares feeds the hungry

christ cares is developing programs to feed the hungry   of chicagoland – here are five recent examples:

Rozetta Baptist Church and Kids Against Hunger donate food to Rev. Scott Reese & Christ Cares

Rozetta Baptist Church and Kids Against Hunger donate food to Rev. Scott Reese & Christ Cares

Dan Allamon & Scott Reese

Dan Allamon & Scott Reese

1) Thanks Rozetta Baptist Church & Kids against hunger for providing over 10,000 individual servings of food for us to distribute & help us with our mission to PROCLAIM & DEMONSTRATE THE LOVE OF GOD. we also thank new life baptist church for their partnership and provision of a room for us to operate a food resource center.

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2) We are grateful for the agape center and cru’s here’s life inner city for donating 70 thanksgiving baskets to be distributed with a gospel witness…

3) thank you orland park christian reformed church for providing a weeks worth of groceries to 10 families we are working with… it was a huge help!

4) thank you first reformed church of lansing, for arranging the donation of hundreds of pounds of fresh premium butterball turkey for us to distribute to needy families…

5) thank you liccar family for providing a monthly meal for us to empower galilee baptist church of chicago to have an evangelistic community meal. thank you jeff bryson and rob belin for transporting the meal up there when i am unable to do so…

*) please pray for us as we are launching not only a food pantry program but a strategic ministry orientated food distribution site to empower urban ministries and churches to meet practical needs while sharing the gospel message.





A Day of Blessing – Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012

The fOllowing is a missionary report for christ cares on saturday, oct. 20, 2012

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On Saturday morning the day started with:

NEW life baptist church – family conference

I (Scott) taught a seminar to help prepare young adults for adulthood – i.e. transitions into marriage, parenthood, & the temptations of no longer living at home with their parents.

roseland community outreach meal

We thank the Liccar family from Crete Church for providing a wonderful meal for a Community Outreach Meal at Galilee Baptist Church of Chicago. This is an area with much homelessness and poverty. We empower the church to proclaim and demonstrate the Love of God. Rev. Bell shared his testimony of how God changed his life from a drug dealer to a preacher. It was powerful and many lives were encouraged and then they were blessed with a delicious meal.

Rev. david gills & children’s hunger fund

Rev. David Gills and myself visited the Children’s Hunger Fund where New Life Baptist Church had a team of volunteers being trained to learn how to use CHF’s resources to feed  hungry families in the Chicago Heights area.

While there I was reunited with Mary Compton, a dedicated Christian who is a reporter/photographer for The Chicago Heights Patch. (Children’s Hunger Fund Article – HERE) Soon they plan on doing a story on Christ Cares – Amen!

Besides these three events Saturday, we were blessed that once again the

car ministry of orland park christian reformed church

Helped someone CHRIST CARES is ministering to, to get a car. This is a wonderful ministry – if you are considering donating your car, then please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with them. The Director, Bruce Harnew, is a gifted and dedicated Christian and I am very grateful for his friendship and how we closely work together. Pamesha, is the mother of some of the children we minister to on Wednesday evenings (a Basketball Program & also a Bible Study/fun time). They did not own a car and this donation will be a tremendous blessing to this family.

on a sad / tragic note – while listening to the news on saturday, i heard about the sentencing of the teenagers who shot a couple children in roseland two years ago.

Ariana Jones and Tanaja Stokes, cute young girls only about the age of 7 were jump roping and practicing cheers in front of their house when shots rang out from a nearby gang war. Tragically Tanaja was shot in the head and killed while holding her mother’s hand who was trying to move her to safety. Ariana was also shot in the head but survived after much time in the hospital. (News articles about this are HERE, HERE, & HERE.)

I had met these precious girls – they attended youth activities sponsored by Christ Cares. There aunt, Caroline Zigglar, (of Roseland Christian Ministries) is a dear friend that some of you have met when she gave her testimony at some of our events. It is so sad that there is so much violence around the drug trade and gangs. Economic renewal would go a long way towards helping this problem but the greatest need is for spiritual renewal. Please pray for us and other Christian Ministries as we share the HOPE AND GOOD NEWS OF THE GOSPEL in urban Chicagoland.

It is very sad that I have personally known probably over 100 people who have been murdered… urban problems are great, but our Gods is greater… please pray for Ariana & the relatives of these girls. There is still much gunfire, especially at night – Caroline requested special prayer for safety some months ago after the gangs started a fire in the house across the street from her and then “shot up” the house beside hers…

(10/26/12 update – I talked with Carolyn yesterday – the gangs just shot up her relatives homes – they do have police protection temporarily, but we look to God to keep them safe… she also knew personally two people who were murdered this past week – please keep this family in prayer)

tonight, when you lay your head on your pillow, thank God that you live in a safe neighborhood, and then let your heart and thoughts turn to those who live only a few minutes from your home, but live in a completely different world – pray for them and be open to let God use you to be part of the solution…



Christ Cares Urban Missionary Report – 6/30/12

Crete Reformed Church's VBS had a special project to help Urban Missionary Scott Reese and ChristCares.org

Crete Church’s VBS Children collected snacks and juice boxes to help Urban Missionary Scott Reese and Christ Cares.org

Friday june 22, 2012

A special thanks to Crete Reformed Church. Their VBS children collected Granola Bars and Juice Boxes to help us share Jesus to urban children. During the summer we provide snacks along with Bible Programs for 60 to 100 kids and homeless moms. In the Fall Lord willing we will be starting a few new programs and will need weekly snacks for up to 200 per week! We hope other churches will collect snacks & juice boxes to help us with this. It is really nice to have the snacks  as a practical demonstration of Christ’s love while we teach God’s love. A special thanks to the children, their parents, Carol Milsap and all the volunteers.

Christ Cares has Ministry Boxes available to place donations to help urban youth.

Christ Cares has Ministry Donation Boxes available for your church to collect snacks, juice boxes, and raffle gifts to help Christ Cares demonstrate God’s love while teaching about God’s love.

Ministry Donation Boxes are available for your Church.


Saturday, June 23 – Schepel Buick/GMC Car Show.

Schepel Buick/GMC car show

Schepel Buick/GMC Charity car show – to benefit Elim Ministries. This will make it possible for Elim Ministries to work with Christ Cares to donate school supplies to over 600 children in economically hard hit areas.

We brought a van load of kids to the Schepel Buick/GMC Charity Car Show. Tom Van Prooyen, the owner of Schepel Buick/GMC started this charity event to aid Elim Ministries – a wonderful ministry that helps individuals with disabilities to be equipped to achieve their highest God-given potential. Elim will purchase school supplies and hire their people to put together school supply packs.

This fund raiser will enable Elim Ministries to work in conjunction with  Christ Cares to provide school supplies for all the children of Ford Heights and also Wilson School of Chicago Heights. A special thanks to Bob Stine for making this possible as well as my friend Ken Lautenbach for introducing me to Bob.

Korean United Methodist Church

Korean United Methodist Church

Sunday, june 24

I (Scott Reese) had a wonderful time preaching at the Korean United Methodist Church Overflow English Ministry. I thank God for the Body of Christ and the awesome privilege to be blessed and enriched by so many different cultures and ministries.

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Donate School Supplies for Urban Ministry



Please take a few minutes and view this video. Christ Cares is a 501c3 Christian non profit organization that believes the LOVE OF GOD needs to be both proclaimed and demonstrated!

The economic crisis has affected most of us here in America, however, the impact has been devistating in the urban areas. School is about to start in a few weeks and many families are struggling to get the needed school supplies. Christ Cares is collecting school supplies to help met this need and also as a paractical demonstration of God’s love. For over 30 years, our Director, Rev. Scott Reese has been an urban missionary. Please prayerfully consider making a difference and help us secure school supplies and also “share” this video with your friends.

A list of our needed supplies is also posted below.


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Lesson from a Homeless Child


The Gift of Love

Thank you for the wonderful out pouring of love and compassion for those in need. We received hundreds of toys to distribute in the name of Jesus!

In a week or two we will post video and pictures of the “Christ the Greatest Gift” Toy Distribution, as well as some of our recent activities. Thank you for making our ministry possible.  

I’m sure this holiday season has been busy for you as it has also been for me.  I am reminded of the story of Martha and Mary. 

Luke 10:38-41 – As Jesus and His disciples were on their way, He came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to Him. She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what He said. But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. She came to Him and asked, “Don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work myself? Tell her to help me.” 

“Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “YOU ARE WORRIED AND UPSET ABOUT MANY THINGS, BUT ONLY ONE IS NEEDED. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her. 

To be honest, far too often I relate more to Martha than Mary in this story. In my heart, I wish to be like Mary, calmly sitting at the Lord’s feet instead of Martha focused on her impossible “to do” list. 

Martha loved the Lord and was busy serving Him. Martha worked diligently doing things she thought would please Jesus.  She had a list of things she wanted to accomplish for the Lord and it soon became apparent she could not get everything done for the Lord that she wanted to. She became frustrated and overwhelmed. She quickly blamed her sister for her problems, and did not even contemplate that the issue that needed to be addressed was in her own heart.  

The text says that Martha was “distracted” which means to be “pulled away”.  Martha’s good intentions somehow pulled her way from accomplishing what was truly most important. It is true that good is often the enemy of best. Sometimes everything cannot get done that we desire. During the busy times of life, it is of special importance to remember our priorities.  

It is easy to gauge our spiritual life by what we are “doing” for God. This can mean teaching classes, giving to missions, or helping the homeless. These pursuits are all fine but we must remember that God wants our heart. Ministry must flow from a heart of love for God. We must remember that ultimately we don’t have anything to offer God that He “needs”. It is a heart of love that God desires. It is out of gratitude to our Savior that we serve. 

Think about it, what do we have to offer God, but a heart of love? 

A homeless child got me thinking about this… 

Recently, due to your generosity we were able to provide toys for the children of a homeless shelter. The kids were very excited to receive the gifts. We shared the Christmas story, not just that Jesus was born in a manger, but WHY He came. 

Later at home, I read some of the thank you notes written by the kids and came across this one: 



Christian Love

Christian Love

When I opened this card, I can’t tell you how much it meant to me… I’m sure I enjoyed it as much or more than any of the children did receiving their gifts. 

This precious child from a heart of love and gratitude said, “I love you Pastor Scott”. Technically, there really isn’t anything a homeless child could have bought me that would have gotten me very excited. However this card was very meaningful. 

 Let us not be “distracted” pulled away from the priority of sitting at the Lord’s feet… we must remember that it is our relationship with the Lord that is important. It is our first priority that sets the tone for the rest of our life. 

Do you feel overwhelmed? Let us set aside expectations that the Lord does not require. 

What do you still have to do today? Let us not forget what is needful… Time sitting at the feet of Jesus… Christianity is not a set of rules and regulations, it is a relationship with the Lord of the universe.