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HAVE YOU EVER READ TOLSTOY??? To me he was just one of those authors that I knew I should know about, but knew very little. I just read his short story – WHERE LOVE IS, THERE GOD IS ALSO – Leo Tolstoy. It only takes 5 or 10 minutes to read… I THINK YOU WOULD ENJOY IT… I posted it on the ChristCares.org website – http://bodyofchristcares.christianinternetministry.com/christian_volunteer_tolstoy.html

(I found this picture at http://www.linguadex.com/tolstoy/)


Evangelism Class & Fall Newsletter

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Evangelism class 11/03/12

The Goal of a Missionary…

is not just activities, programs, or even sharing the “GOOD NEWS” – it is also to make disciples, to empower people to do the work of the ministry.

Successful missionary endeavors continue long after the missionary. This is why we were excited to see over thirty people show up for an Evangelism Class to learn how to share their faith.

This training was held at New Life Baptist Church – those who are long time supporters of Missionary Scott Reese can rejoice that there is now a self sustaining church in a beautiful facility including a gymnasium that started from “scratch” in the projects of Ford Heights over 30 years ago.

Below is a video of singing from a recent Sunday Morning Service at New Life Baptist Church… As a missionary this brings me great joy to see a self sustaining church proclaiming their love to our Savior with all their heart, soul, & mind. I am also grateful that they have continued to be holistic in their ministry as is evidenced by them opening up the church every Monday Night to over 50 homeless mothers and children.

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GOOD NEWS DAY – Encouraging Christians to share God’s love the day before Easter


CHRIST CARES is sponsoring “GOOD NEWS DAY” on the day before Easter.

Easter provides a wonderful opportunity to share God’s love to your community. Many people who do not attend church regularly are open to attend Easter Services.

Each church tailors the program to what they are most comfortable with. Basically the idea is to connect with those families that live near the church and let them know if they don’t have a church home you’d love to have them attend your Easter Service.

Some churches knock on the doors. We will have “survey cards” available that ask questions such as: What do you think is the community’s greatest needs? How do you think our church can best service the community? and How can we pray for you?

Some churches choose just to drop off information in a door hanger.

There is a prayer breakfast Saturday March 3, 2010; 9:15 a.m. at East Hazel Crest Bible Church : 1204 173rd Street, East Hazel Crest IL 60429. Mapquest the church HERE.

I, (Scott Reese) will briefly share the WORD and then after some prayer the participants will visit those homes near their church and people they think might be interested in attending Easter Services.

I want to encourage you and your church to participate. We are commanded to GO and share the GOOD NEWS. There are many ways to do this. This is one way. I personally think that it would be sad for someone to live just a few blocks from a church and never receive a Gospel witness. Many of you reading this have grown up attending church. We must remember that for most people this is not the case. God in His mercy has chosen us to represent Him and to GO and share the love of God.

CHRIST CARES will provide Easter Tracts and soon will post on this website survey cards and a sample letter that the pastor can write to go out with the materials.

Below is a flier for the event – we will soon post more information.